My interest:
Computer :  from 1969 to 1999 I have dealt at first with computer for job on mainframe IBM and Sperry-Univac and from 1974 also on PC. On mainframe I worked as operator, programmer, analyst and system administrator while on the PC I worked as system administrator, programmer and analyst. From 1999 at the end of the working career continuous to deal, but this time for hobby, of computer particularly writing program on Visual Basic.

Radio: OM License from September 1979, in the first years I primarily devoted to the low band 80 and 40 mt. and little activity in 20 15 10 mt. The vhfs and uhf I primarily use her for the local connection with my friends components the section A.R.I. of Pordenone in which I enrolled since September 1979. As it regards the activity of section I have made part in different orders of the management committee of the Club (as secretary, adviser and president) and of the Regional board of directors, from different years I am the QSL Manager of the special call used by the club on the occasion of Contest, commemorative Celebrations and fair demonstrations (National Exibition of the Radioamateur of Pordenone).

Elettronic :   My secret  passion even if practiced only to hobbystic level and from autodidactic.

Classic and symphonyc sound : Used classical sound during the many time passed to the computers in the house, my collection consists in around 800 CDs and 300 LPs all listed in a program home made on Visual Basic.

Philately : Hobby that I cultivate since the 1956 year when I have started to almost collect postage stamps for joke from quite a lot years the passion is a neglected but continuous.